Eoin Cullen is a Chicago-based Artist, trained at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. 

Artist Statement
I begin with a word, emotion or memory – it is from those feelings that I create. I approach each piece as a journey – often starting with a figurative base, but letting the piece evolve with my emotions – hoping to tell a story. The human journey is the basis for my art, including our shared history as the human race. I typically work with metal. The process of creating work in this medium takes you through several stages – much like a lifetime. I don’t strive for instant gratification in my process, but rather, enjoy the lengthy, several-stage lost wax process. As my practice continues, I am exploring the use of negative space. I like the idea of illusion. It also signifies the pieces that make up a life. Influences from people, society, experiences all come together to make up the whole, but sometimes it is just the illusion of the whole.